December 1, 2022

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and the Germanic New Medication

Ryke Geerd Hamer (born in Might, 1935) is a German physician specialised in inside medication,…

Ryke Geerd Hamer (born in Might, 1935) is a German physician specialised in inside medication, referred to as the originator of Germanic New Medication, a drugs gadget which was once to begin with conceived to treatment most cancers.

Ryke Geerd Hamer practiced vintage medication for greater than twenty years (1963- 1986), whilst operating in College Clinics of Tübingen and Heidelberg and in numerous different practices. His lifestyles and paintings spouse was once Sigrid Hamer(Oldenburg), his spouse, who was once additionally a physician. His ingenious nature and the eagerness for medication expressed right through this era, when, but even so practising medication, he targeted additionally on patenting a few of his innovations, such because the non-traumatic Hamer-scalpel and a different bone noticed for cosmetic surgery; a therapeutic massage desk and a tool for transcutaneous serum prognosis.

He and his spouse led a contented lifestyles with their 4 kids (2 boys and a couple of women), till a sad tournament passed off within the August, 1978: one in all their sons, Dirk Hamer, was once unintentionally shot whilst he was once asleep on a ship anchored at the island of Cavallo. Dirk died in December, 1978, after nearly 4 months of preventing loss of life, leaving each his oldsters below surprise.

Following Dirk’s loss of life, every other unlucky occasions hustled into their lives, as Ryke Geerd Hamer advanced testicular most cancers and his spouse were given breast most cancers. This was once when Hamer advanced the speculation that each cancers were without delay led to through surprise of shedding their son, and that they may well be handled through resolving this emotional struggle. To end up his concept, he did some researches at the private histories of most cancers sufferers to look whether or not they had suffered some surprise, misery or trauma prior to their sickness. He referred to as the struggle previous the sickness the “Dirk Hamer Syndrome”, which is a organic struggle surprise that catches one abruptly “at the improper foot”. He found out that the entire different sick other folks suffered from a surprise, so he concluded that the sickness is a different organic reaction to this stunning, strange state of affairs. When the ‘surprise’ state of affairs is resolved, the frame units about returning to normality.

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In 1981, he submitted his discovery to the College in Tubingen, as a post-doctoral thesis. A 12 months later, the College rejected the paintings at the interconnections between the psyche and most cancers. To end up his concept, he attempted to treatment Sigrid and different sufferers. Sadly, his spouse died in 1985. In 1986, his license observe was once withdrawn.

His opinion concerning the sickness and its treatment didn’t make him many pals. He persisted to observe illegally in more than a few Ecu nations, in between prosecutions and stints of prison time. His present place of dwelling is in Norway.

The German New Medication advanced through Ryke Geerd Hamer is neither an “choice medication”, nor an “integrative medication”, nor a “complementary medication”. Dr. Hamer’s discoveries be offering an entire medical gadget that serves as a foundation for a completely new figuring out of illnesses. From his perspective, most cancers and comparable illnesses are not anything greater than a different organic program operating within the frame to be able to lend a hand us triumph over a psychic struggle. The usage of GNM, the reasons of illnesses can also be known, their building could also be predicted correctly, and the indicators that point out therapeutic can also be simply known.

In a nutshell, German New Medication states that any bodily or psychological sickness is led to through the human frame as a reaction to a stunning revel in in some way that was once pre-determined through nature and the therapeutic of the sickness additionally comes from the frame, as a herbal reaction to conquer the struggle state of affairs generated through the preliminary surprise. Sicknesses and their treatment are commonplace a part of lifestyles.

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