How to Find the Right Self-Storage Unit Size You Need

How to Find the Right Self-Storage Unit Size You Need

Are you planning to rent a self-storage in your area but feeling confused about the selection of storage unit size? If yes, then this guide is for you. Here we will discuss everything to help you find the right self-storage unit size that fits your needs.

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Perform An Inventory of Your Belongings

The first step in deciding the unit size for self-storage is to perform an inventory of your belongings. For this, you need to gather the necessary supplies like a notebook, markers, labels, and a camera or smartphone.

Now, start by sorting your items into categories like furniture, clothing, documents, and so on. This will make the inventory process manageable and easy for you. Also, don’t forget to take photos of your items along with the written description. This will work as visual evidence of the condition of your belongings before storage.

How to Find the Right Self-Storage Unit Size You Need

Measure Your Large Items

Before you start measuring, it is important to sort the types of items that you want to store. This will greatly impact on the size of the storage unit. For example, if you are storing mostly clothes or boxes, you may need a smaller unit than storing furniture. Moreover, to store electronic devices, you may need a climate-control storage unit with optimal size.

After you decide on types of storage, it is time to measure the larger items. You can use measuring tape to know how much space your large items will take to store. Measure every large item from all sides, including length, width, and height.

Common Self-Storage Size to Choose From

5’x5′ Storage Unit: The size of this unit is approximately similar to the size of the walk-in closet. You can use it to store things like a dresser, a baby mattress set, several boxes, camping gear, off-season clothes, kid’s toys, etc.

5’x10′ Storage Unit: It is about 50 square feet in size and is best for storing furniture for a room, a small mattress set, TV, bike, storage boxes, and more.

10’x10′ Storage Unit: This self-storage size is equivalent to half of a standard one-car garage. Or you can imagine it as an extra bedroom of size 10’by10′. It is best to store clothing, dressers, nightstands, extra beds, mattresses, and furniture.

10’x15′ Storage Unit: It is approximately equal to one standard car garage where you can store pianos, items of three rooms, tables, and other large things.

10’x20′ Storage Unit: It is the best size to store electronics, refrigerators, heavy furniture, car, bikes, washer, and more.

In addition to these sizes, you can also get self-storage with customised sizes according to your need.

If You’re in Doubt, Go One Size Bigger

If you’ve found out the space you need but notice the storage unit will be filled to the brim, then choose one bigger size. This will keep your things in the right shape and causes no harm to your electronics or clothes. Also, you can get a chance to save money on a larger storage unit if the rental is not climate controlled.

Final Words

When it comes to utilising self-storage, finding the right unit size is crucial. Whether you’re downsizing, relocating, or simply decluttering, choose the appropriate storage space for your belongings.